60th Class Reunion Survey

Yes, it is 2 years off. Some of the planners of the 50th reunion would like to know if you would consider attending. [We aren't getting any younger...]

The venue is TBD (depending on your replies). A successful agenda has been discussed,  which would be from ~ 11 AM to late afternoon; buffet style food. Allows you to get together later, go to bed early, etc.

Stats from our 50th:

  • 75 people responded to attend (not counting some classmate spouses that did not reply). We were a 100+ {10 of those people have passed away)
  • our site has around 366 physical addresses from 2014. Sadly, there are 75 classmates "In Memory"
  • we only have 169 unfiltered email addresses (out of 500+ classmates)

So, please update your profiles. Also, tell your friends to log into our site: https://www.1965fullertonunionhighreunion.com

The minimum profile would include their email address; physical addresses also help.


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1)   Would you attend a 60th reunion

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