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09/11/14 04:11 PM #1    

Judi McRae (Sepulveda)

Welcome to the Fullerton Union High School Class of 1965 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

10/16/14 07:56 AM #2    


Michele Diane Davenport (Kohrs)


Reunion date is my birthday weekend. Have been planning a weekend in Catalina. Did you talk Janie into coming? We"ve been in San Diego since 2002.  Let me know next time you're nearby. 

02/09/15 09:35 AM #3    


Bill Branson

02/10/15 02:27 PM #4    


Roberta Linda Biegel (Massey)

Thank you, Bill. I have been telling my grandchildren about our dress codes and now I can really show them. They find it hard to believe that we girls didn't wear pants and our skirts had to be below the knees. Times sure have changed drastically. Reading this  brought me back to 1965. Thanks again, Bobbie

02/12/15 03:53 PM #5    

Mark Allen Stephenson

OK all.

Anybody in the San Jose area? I'll be at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds on Tully Road for shows on Sat & Sun the 14-15 in ring 14 both days. Come on over and say HI. Most anybody with a Dachshund can point me out. 


The following weekend we'll be at the Del Mar grounds Fri-Sun for 4 shows in 3 days. We'll be in Ring #4 each day.


Mark Stephenson, PHA


03/21/15 06:59 PM #6    

Rick Casault

Congratulations and thanks to Judi and her merry band of helpers. Last night at Zito's was fantastic. I loved reconnecting with old friends, and especially making some new friends. Looking forward to seeing more of you tonight. Party on!

03/23/15 09:54 AM #7    


Bill Branson

For all the good things in life there is always someone leading the charge - thanks to Judi for a memorable "once in a lifetime" event.

10/22/16 12:01 AM #8    


Steven Jay Berlin

So much is going on . There are times I wish I lived closer to these events. Please give my regards to people that remember me at FUHS and the band . I plan on flying back to LA the end of this year or the beginning of 2017. The King of Thailand passed away last week, things are getting stabalized and appear to be in a normal process that was established a few hundred years ago. I do need to get back for my Mexican food fix and margarita ville . Cheers fron Bangkok .. Steve

10/23/16 03:02 PM #9    


Emelina(Amee) Pineda (Foster)

Just got back from DC.  Quite the trip.  I did visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall and paid my respects to Joe Manuel De La torre and Randy Rhea.  Friends forever.

10/24/16 09:39 AM #10    

Alexander Varga

Hi Amee,

    Its wonderful that you took time to honor our fallen classmates at the Vietnam Memorial.  I would only add the name of Jim McKenzie, another classmate whom we lost during the building up to the Tet Offensive. I'm certain we all honor these three as heros who gave their all for our great nation. And may God also bless all those who have served and serve our country in the armed Forces.  God Bless and RIP!

Alex Varga 


10/24/16 03:34 PM #11    


Jeffrey Leonard Harmer

I don't know if you have heard of Janna Livesay Hoehn but she is searching the U.S. for pictures of each and every soldier that fell during the conflict. I ran across her and was able to supply a picture of Jamie. She has a business in Maui and has had articles in major newspapers. Check her site on Facbook and give her a shout.

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